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Manufacturing CAD data for Camping Compost separator 

Customer: Malcolm | UK


CAD model & 3D printed samples of Golf Rack concept 

Customer: Lachlan | London


Concept design to address a product development issue 

Customer: Speedo | Nottingham


Design & supply printed parts of a gaming console for a promotional event

Customer: Niantic Labs | California


CAD model of an innovative, eco-friendly flush mechanism

Customer: Shane | USA


CAD model of electronic pill dispenser

Customer: Medvent | Australia


Product renders of a new range of Nitrogen Generators

Customer: Titan-N2 | Scotland


CAD model, visual renders & short animation of baby soothing product

Customer: F Maunders | Australia


Protective shell for a vintage prison television

Re-engineering vintage CRT television

Technical drawings of frame assembly to mount screen array

London Bus Shelter CAD model for artwork installation

Enclosure for Arduino UNO board

CAD model & Render of London Waterloo Bridge

CAD models & renders of various contemporary artworks

Customer: E Hawser | London


Concept Design & 3D printing files for a comfort travel gadget

Customer: Skinner & Floy | Birmingham


Jig design for wheel arch cladding assembly

Customer: DieTech | Birmingham


Technical drawings and 3D printing files for a marine machinery prototype

Customer: F Maunders | Australia


Value engineer card holder components to simplify manufacture

Customer: John | Birmingham


CAD model & renders of weather monitoring station

Customer: Yuktix Technologies | India


Flyers, posters & audience feedback cards

Customer: Notnow Collective | Birmingham


Product illustration & marketing material

Customer: Talking Eye Limited | UK


Client portfolio slides

Customer: Direct Revolution | London