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I’m Sebastian, a Mechanical Design Engineer based in Birmingham. 

I specialize in developing concepts to fully manufacture-able CAD data .

My passion for design & creativity began in early 90’s. Initial projects were scaled working models of vehicles made using cardboard, wood and other easily available materials. Gradually, I started exploring options for better materials and techniques to build more robust and functional models. By late 90’s I got exposed to the world of CAD Technology and its tremendous capabilities. I used CAD initially in 2001 to design components for a scaled railway coach as part of an Academic Engineering project. Since 2010 I work professionally as a design engineer with companies and individual clients. 

Freelance opportunity offers a fresh challenge with every project. Its also an arena to meet like minded people who have brilliant ideas and require professional assistance to take it forward. Working together and developing such inspirational ideas with them gives an immense sense of satisfaction which isn’t always available on a regular 9-5 company job.

Please drop me an email in case you think I can be of any use to you.

Education | MSc. Product Design & Development | B.E. Mechanical Engineering

Expertise | Concept Development | Product Design | 3D Modelling | Reverse Engineering | Illustrations

Industries | Consumer goods | Automotive | Construction | Travel | Footwear 

Interests | Travel & Adventure | People & Culture | Art | Short Films | Flying Machines | Camper van